Backstory Submission 

Thank you for taking the time to submit a background. By providing a background you enable us to better weave your characters backstory into our local game. Below is a list of requirements for submitting a background to make sure that we can ingest it easily and not miss anything.

  • Use Bullet Points. Submissions in story format will not be accepted. 
  • Backgrounds can not be accepted until the character has been in play for 3 events, exception being Strains that require background approval. 
  • Look at the Strain Restrictions before submitting a background.
  • Keep all groups you create as small as possible. 
  • Inform us if changes are made after the fact, so your backstory can be updated.
Name *
Please note the requirements for playing different strains at DR OH
Please have your background go through a spell check prior to posting.
Any items of key importance not outlined in NPC interaction or travel locations.
Acknowledgement *
I understand that my background must follow a certain format and guideline.