Local Game Setting

The heartland

When the Fall began, no one had any idea how catastrophic it would be. The Middle West held the majority of the population and it ravaged everything in sight. There were so many bodies that in some places, you couldn't see the ground. It became a sea of the Dead, stumbling and stomping on the remains of the living.

As the years passed, the Earth began to consume those that fell upon it. With death comes food for the planet we possess. What was once fire and horror slowly became green once again. The trees stood tall, the flowers and grass thrived as best as they could surrounded in toxicity. It was almost perfect aside from the Zed you'd find lumbering through the forests. Almost perfect.

Then the Full Dead found it.

Some places are controlled by Purebloods, some by Saltwise; The Heartland is ruled by Full Dead. Old ‘Hio has always been flush with bodies. The greatest population before the fall was within 500 miles of The Cleaved Land. Full dead and Retrogrades especially know this, as it’s hard to walk through the wastes in the Middle West without getting a round or two fired before they’re allowed to clarify. A handful of Full Dead families washed over the area, and saw hope. They built what they could of a town and funded the rest. They found an area where they could be comfortable, cleared it properly and assured they could create a home that matched their vision. They took the few Retrogrades they had with them, purchased and hired more, and put hands to work. By the sweat of their brows and blood of their hands, the Heartland was born. 


Valves of the Heart: Locations around the heartland


Rust River:  Long ago, even before the Beginning of the Fall, cars could be found embedded in the sides of the River. But now, after the Panic and the Great Crashes, the River provides all a Diesel Jock could ever need. You have to journey the First Run, the First Highway, “the Long 40” to get to the Rust River. Once you reach it, it feels like a horrifying paradise. The River runs nearly red due to the rust from all the abandoned vehicles. Parts of the River catch on fire and stay on fire due to oil spills and slow leaks. There’s never a question if you can find a car, but a question of if you can find the part you need before someone scavenged it. Folk have built a town around it, made of car parts, tarps and tents. It’s a rough town to elbow into but it feels like a home you never want to leave.


Bright: Bright is a beacon in the darkness on Holy High Saturday. A city built in an abandoned amusement park, it offers goods and survivors that would blow your mind. A settlement known for their no questions asked community, you can find, buy or unload just about anything. It’s full of tired, strung out Entertainers with smiles plastered on their faces. Music and laughter ring from walls, as guards slaughter zed through the fence. It’s a crazed place.


Echo Cove: A massive cave mouth, high in the Northern Hills. Some say that it’s where the Lascarian’s went when their tunnels started to collapse. Some say it’s cursed, that if you get too close it draws you in and you’re lost forever. It’s name was earned from the tales swearing that if you yell loud enough, you’ll hear your echo return in a voice from the darkness.