December 2018

There was a fog rolling in. Never a pleasant sign around here. Never brought any thing good with it. Especially at this time of year. 
'Except her.'
J sighed as she opened her eyes. She shifted a little too hard against the tree she sat with, breaking off a few pieces of bark, making the only sound she could here. She looked over and ran her pale fingers across the scar she'd made on the tree. Her eyes glazed over as she remembered when her scars were once brushed against so softly. 
Her gaze shifted in front of her, to the morgue with the twisted shut mouth. 
"You didn't rumble fer me," she said to the ether.
"I understand your impatience and why you feel anger. I understand the idea of feeling betrayed. Must you be so selfish?"
A strong gust of wind tore through the clearing, ruffling leaves and branches, making the houses creak. J watched the world's jewelry whirl around her for a moment before receiving silence again. 
"That was dram-" she caught her words in her throat as she heard the distant sound of a zed.
Her brow furrowed, staring distastefully at the morgue. She stood, brushing off her cloak, and tracing the ground with her eyes for her weapon. Her two hander glistened in the moonlight, near calling for her hands. She lifted it so gently, and spoke again to the nothing. 
"I thought it was.. what they consider funny, being gifted a weapon called Nightbringer for accomplishing the means to restore light. But that's not how the world sees us, is it? Saints restore light. Saints are the good in the world. Saints are those who are so good, they name another at their end."
J looked into the forest, pinpointing where the poor creature was coming from. Her eyes softened when its shadow came into view. She put her hand in her pocket. Two things kept safe. A ring. A letter.
She touched the letter and thought of Amiir. Of his face, always heavy with his task. Of his words, and what they do. She looked to the morgue one last time. 
"If Saints are so damn good, then why do they have to die to manage?" 
She grabbed her Nightbringer and left towards the zed.
She heard her true name on the wind.

She knew it wasn't the wind.